GoDaddy Mini-Review

The Quick Rundown

The Good:

  • Domain registration is cheap
  • Save even more with promo coupons
  • Fast checkout with PayPal
  • Easily works with Google Apps to use Gmail for your domain email
  • Less clutter; finding your way around account settings is quicker

The Bad:

  • Up-selling every step of the purchase process 
  • Add-on features cost more while competitors offer them for free (i.e. private registration and email)

The Ugly:

  • Your domain emails don’t sync across devices unless you pay an extra $30/year for IMAP email access
  • Web hosting is sub-par at best. They’re clearly a domain registrar and NOT a web hosting company

The Details

More on “The Good” 

Prices for domains start at $13/year but you can easily get coupons online by googling “GoDaddy Discount Coupons” to bring the price down. 

We love that they let you bypass their email offerings and use Google Apps instead. With Google Apps, you get 10 email addresses with a lot of storage space for FREE.You can find out more about Google Apps here.

GoDaddy quickly updates any changes to your domain settings. (TTL for DNS changes can be set to 1/2 hour!) 

The interface has improved over the past year and feels less cluttered. With 1 click of the “My Account” button, you have access to all your products. Navigating account settings is faster using the new tabbed menu.

More on “The Bad”

The constant add-ons and up-selling every step of the purchase process is beyond annoying. Not to mention confusing for first time buyers, who may end up paying for features they’ll never use. For example, when you add a domain to your cart, it defaults to a 5 year registration, which means you end up with a higher bill than you expected. Make sure you change the registration period from 5 years to 1 year. If you want to keep a domain for a long period of time, set that domain to auto-renew.

A user commenting on Murlu.com, a guide for bloggers and freelancers, said “With GoDaddy every add-on feature costs more money when many other providers often offer it free. Things like private registration.” While it’s great that GoDaddy has private registration with different options at different prices, other companies like 1and1.com, Namecheap.com, Netfirms.com, offer free basic private registration.

More on “The Ugly”

If you decide not to go with Google Apps for Free (trust us, you should) you have to pay $30/year for IMAP access to your email address. Of course, POP email is free, but you want your emails to synchronize across devices, right?

GoDaddy is not a web hosting company, so we weren’t surprised to find their FTP administration process horrible at best. We set up two FTP accounts for two different clients and the passwords never worked. We reset them twice, waited the 48 hour period and in the end, our clients could never log into their FTP account. Too much time wasted.

There you have It

GoDaddy makes it quick to register domains. It gets the job done. If you need email for your domain, please check out Google Apps

Pay attention during the checkout process to avoid costly add-ons that will increase your expenses. We never encountered any problems with GoDaddy’s domain registration support. On the other hand, their lack of support for FTP issues was not impressive. They’re a good domain registrar, but for web hosting solutions, look elsewhere.

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